Making a will: Our clients’ questions

Wills are one of the most important services that solicitors provide. Some people may feel that writing a Will is unsettling or intimidating as a result they put it off. However, writing your Will can provide you with significant peace of mind. To remove the concerns around writing a Will, here are three of the questions we receive from clients about Wills.

Q1 Why do I need a will?

Writing a Will ensures that your wishes are carried out following your passing. This will provide you with peace of mind. The Law Society shares that “Making a will ensures that, when you die, your property and other possessions go to the people that you choose.”

This is particularly important if you have a partner but you are unmarried or not in a civil partnership. They would not get any of the possessions you may have wished to pass to them. Additionally, a Will can ensure that your children will receive what you intend them to receive. If you pass without a Will, your entire estate will be given to your Spouse. This also raises issues around taxes.


Q2 When should I set up a will?

Once you are over 18 there is no age limit or legal requirement for when to set up your will. One recommendation we advise is that if you own property it is a good idea to set up a will.

It is the best time to write your Will when you are sound of mind. If unfortunately, you have faced mental health issues in the past a doctor may be required to certify you have the ability to write your Will.

Q3 Is my Will confidential?

Your Will is an incredibly confidential document. We recommend that Will consultations are carried out in privacy, one to one with your solicitor. This ensures that you are not under any pressure or duress from a third party.

At Newpark Law and Grace Solicitors, we advise our clients through confidential Will consultations. Contact us to set up a one to one appointment.